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Past Events



May 16-17: DC 10th Annual Meeting (2-day Webinar)

Day One

  • Jinnah: Welcome & Goals
  • Comella: Botulinum toxins
  • Jinnah: Oral medications
  • Shukla: Surgical interventions
  • Defazio: Rating scales
  • Peterson: Objective measures
  • Richardson: Add on therapies
  • Q&A

Day Two

  • Jinnah: Welcoming remarks
  • Jinnah: PPP
  • Cruchaga: PPP awardee
  • Comella: CDA
  • Parlakturk: CDA awardee
  • Hieshetter & Kuman: PAG
  • Jinnah: Summary
  • Q&A


A conversation with the Director, Dr. HA Jinnah, MD, PhD: Link to webinar recording.


New DC Funding Cycle

The DC has been funded for another five years (2019-2024)!


March 3-4: Seventh Dystonia Coalition Meeting, Rockville, MD

Meeting Agenda: Download agenda [pdf]


November 6-7: Sixth Annual Dystonia Coalition Meeting, St. Louis, MO


October 16-17: Fifth Annual Dystonia Coalition Meeting, Atlanta, GA


September 13-14: Fourth Annual Dystonia Coalition Meeting, Chicago, IL


January: Bachmann Strauss Outlook: Dystonia Coalition Announcement

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Group Photo
  • Dystonia Coalition Provides Two More Career Development Awards:
    • Mateusz Zurowski, MD, MSc, FRCPC: Psychiatric Assessments Of Patients With Cervical Dystonia, Funded In Partnership With The DMRF
    • Alberto Espay, MD, MSc: Sensory And Emotional Processing In Psychogenic Dystonia: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study, Funded In Partnership With The DMRF
  • Dystonia Coalition Awards Two More Pilot Studies:
    • Kailash Bhatia, MD, DM, FRCP: DYT6 Dystonia – A Window To The Mechanisms Of Primary Dystonia?
    • Emmanuel Roze, MD, PhD: Cerebellum And Cortical Plasticity: The Case Of Focal Dystonia


November 5: Inaugural Dystonia Coalition Meeting

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Group Photo
  • First Career Development Award Goes To Maren Carbon-Corell To Develop A Marker For Dystonia Based On FMRI Patterns In The Brain, Funded In Partnership With The DMRF
  • Dystonia Coalition Awards First Three Pilot Studies:
    • Mark LeDoux, MD, PhD: THAP1 Sequence Variants In Dystonia 
    • Giovanni DeFazio, MD, PhD: Development And Validation Of Clinical Diagnostic Guidelines And A Novel Severity Rating Scale For Primary Blepharospasm, Funded In Partnership With The BEBRF
    • Steve Frucht, MD: A Multicenter, Exploratory, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Dose Escalation Study Of Sodium Oxybate As A Symptomatic Treatment For Idiopathic Cervical Dystonia, Funded In Partnership With The NSTA